Data loss is a reality

Anyone can be a victim of data loss

What is AlienRespawn?


AlienRespawn is a safe, simple and reliable backup and recovery solution that can protect your system (OS, applications, drivers, settings) and data (music, photos, videos, documents and other important files) from data loss.

Backing up your data with AlienRespawn can protect against data loss resulting from:



  • Virus attack


  • OS/Software Corruption


  • Accidental file deletion


  • Hardware failure

(if data is backed-up to a secondary hard drive)

How does it work?

Setting up your premium version is easy:


  • Select "what" you want to back up

You have the option to protect your system and/or data


  • Select "where" you want to back up

You can choose to protect your data on your primary hard drive or a directly attached storage device


  • Select "when" to back up

Set up your daily, weekly or monthly backup schedule and we'll do the rest for automated data protection

Upgrade to the
Premium version today!

Get the Premium version of AlienRespawn to have the peace of mind that your system and data are protected.

How can I get AlienRespawn?


Easy Step 1: Passed

Your computer has passed. Go to Easy Step 2 and download the software.


Easy Step 2:

Download the Basic Version of AlienRespawn
Click here to download


Easy Step 3:

Install and then upgrade today!!!

Upgrade to the Premium version to gain access to the complete feature set. Be sure to download and install AlienRespawn before upgrading. You will need "Your ID" key from within AlienRespawn to complete the upgrade purchase process.


Supported by:

Systems running Microsoft® Windows Vista® and Windows 7® with AlienRewpawn Basic pre-installed

 Minimum System requirements
Pentium 733Mhz processor or greater
Internal Memory:
512 MB RAM or greater
Hard Disk:
At least 15 GB free or greater


Basic Premium

  Restore your system back to factory state

  Create Recovery DVDs

  Full system backup & restore to a previously saved point in time

  File & Folder backup & restore to a previously saved point in time

  Backup & restore based on file types (mp3, jpg, etc.)

  Backup to a local storage device

  Automated scheduled backups

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